Corporate Identity and Logo Development

We develop custom tailored design concepts focused on your needs, beginning with the analysis of the target, demand, market situation and competitors. Then corporate identity, logo, typography and colour concept are being developed and designed. Prototypes, wireframes and mockups illustrate this development process from the very first brainstormings to the final product.

Responsive Web Design and Interface Design

ZSUWD conceives, designs and codes good-looking, flexible and technically clean and lean modern websites and apps. We´ve certainly understood the concept of responsive design and our websites are optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The code follows modern web standards, is programmed modularly and scalable, pages and content can easily be modified or extended. Content is being semantically search engine optimized to be found on the internet.

The content-management-system (CMS) WordPress enables you to easily execute editorial tasks without any coding knowledge.

You will be able to publish and edit content and pages without having to dig into any technical knickknack.

Advantages of WordPress as CMS

  • Easy as pie handling
  • De facto standard with a 60% market share
  • Free open source CMS
  • Huge developer community
  • Regular updates
  • Extension of functionalities through plugins
  • WordPress app for iOS and Android

Print and Editorial Design

ZSUWD produces smart editorial design and generates beautiful print products. Depending on the media we use different printing techniques – offset for magazines, brochures and business papers, silk screen for posters or acrylic transfer print for special materials such as wood, glass, metal, stone, canvas or fabric. Not only the ostensible and haptic sensation of acrylic transfer print is especially interesting but also the reversion of the digital reproduction process creating originals from copies.